Will You Need A PHP Developer?

by | May 21, 2018 | Computer and information science

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When most businesses hire a company to complete website design and development, the business is hiring a team of professionals to work together to produce the website. Whenever there is a need to write Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP), which is an open source scripting language, a specialized developer in the computer scripting language is brought into the team.

In some cases, a business may need a PHP developer to work with the in-house website design and development team. In this scenario, the PHP professional will be instrumental on the server side as well as some client-side programming. Developing a PHP framework will allow the website development team to create a unique and dependable website.

Important Roles

The PHP scripting language is used in many different ways in the development and functioning of any website. PHP can be used to set up the code to allow the capture of data from forms submitted by users, to both receive as well as to send cookies on a site, as well as to generate page content. Think of the PHP script as the part of the server-side operation to generate HTML that will be seen by the client. The PHP developer can write this code for any operating system, making it incredibly versatile.

There are several different PHP frameworks that may be utilized by the developer. These include CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Zend PHP and Symfony. There are also developers to create unique frameworks that are customized to the needs of the client. Choosing the correct PHP framework will be instrumental in providing the functionality the website needs.

Another very important role of the PHP developer is to create and write desktop applications. With the advanced features possible with the language, it makes it a natural option for this type of application.

While you may not specifically hire a PHP expert, the web development team from any top service will include someone with this specialized training and experience.