Role of Rescue Tools in the Golden Hour

by | May 28, 2018 | Science and Technology

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The concept of the ‘Golden Hour’ is coined from the term that trauma victims will have the best chance of survival if they are saved through the most effective rescue tools and that they receive definitive medical intervention within the first hour of suffering their injury.

Rescue Tools are equipment used by emergency rescue personnel to aid the rescuing of crash victims through vehicle extrication, as well as other rescues from small spaces. This tool kit mainly involves spreaders, cutters and rams. Once the senior medic has given a go ahead that the casualty to be saved is in stable condition, rescuer has to take a call as to within how much time the extrication has to be performed. Lukas rescue tools confer minimum stress upon the rescuers owing to their effective, trustworthy and fast paced extrication performance.

Traditionally rescue personnel often used circular saws for vehicle extrication, leading to several drawbacks. They created sparks, starting a fire, making loud sounds, thus stressing the victim(s). Also, the speed of rescuing was relatively slow. Nowadays, rescuers opt for hydraulic spreaders/cutters as they tend to be quite faster, stronger and more versatile in terms of offering. Mike Brick coined the phrase “Jaws of Life” after he observed people saying that their new device “snatched people from the jaws of death”.

The different tool types which Lukas offers are: Cutter, Spreader and Combi Tool

Lukas S 311 E2 Cutter:

  • High performance coupled with optimized handling

  • Rescue-friendly combination of cutting power and blade opening

  • Powered by an optimized high-performance rescue battery

  • Powerful thanks to highest EN cutting class

  • Light in weight (less than 20kg with battery)

Lukas SP 333 E2 Spreader:

  • 12% lighter, 20% stronger than its predecessor,
    the SP 300 E2

  • only 17.3 kg without the battery

  • with “Shark Tooth” tips for perfect grip

  • squeezing plates built into the arm

  • optimum performance-to-weight ratio

Lukas SC258 E2 Combi Tool:

  • Faster cutting and spreading without tool tip change

  • Independent of external power sources

  • Quick opening and closing time

  • Battery life in operation under severe conditions: approx. 60 minutes

  • Can be run on 220 volts AC with adapter

  • Clever star grip control for intuitive and safe work

  • Compact amongst its peers

  • Works without interruption thanks to easy battery change

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