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Organizations Adopt New Interactive Hologram Technology Modules

Marketing experts wouldn’t traditionally think of interactive hologram technology as a way of getting a message out, but it’s quickly becoming one of the biggest ways for organizations to introduce completely new ideas to a receptive audience. Naturally, traditional ways of increasing brand recognition aren’t going to be threatened by the adoption of interactive hologram

Redefining Engineering Expertise With Enhanced Efficiency And Timeless Service

We, at IDEX Corporation have stayed true to our principles of trust, teamwork and excellence that have driven us to shape products that the markets desire. Richter Chemie-Technik is a foremost solution provider of finest quality mag drive pumps. The RICHTER centrifugal magnetic drive pumps are engineered from meticulous, comprehensive R & D effort to

What role do reciprocating compressors play?

The machines having positive displacement technology in which a piston has a reciprocating motion inside a cylinder are termed as reciprocating compressors. This piston acts as the compressing and displacing element. The two types of these compressors are horizontal and vertical. The horizontal compressor uses a segmented purge packing design to seal the piston rod.

How To Use The Vimentin Antibody For Research

Vimentin is one of the main intermediate filament protein included in mesenchymal cells. Many believe that it is involved with intracellular transportation of proteins between the plasma membrane and nucleus. It can be used to stain the sarcoma of neural, fibroblast, and muscle origin, but usually works best in carcinomas that are negative. Lymphomas, melanomas,

Learn More About The KI-67 Antibody

Ki-67 is considered a nuclear protein and is expressed in proliferating cells. It is preferentially expressed during the late G1-, M-, S-, and G2-phases of the cell’s cycle, while cells in the quiescent phase are negative for the protein. The KI-67 antibody is designed to be used for research only and has no known clone.