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Some Basics to Consider When Finding the Right EMR for Your Practice

Finding the right behavioral health EMR can be a challenge because not all platforms work well with all types of practices. Software systems are either cloud-based, server-based, or web-based. The behavioral health EMR software you use should follow a design that works well with your medical practice. Many clinicians have found that the web-based option

More Interactive Options and Larger 7.5-inch Format With the Teach Pendant

More GUI Options and Larger 7.5-inch Format With a Pendant Teaching Device The latest model of teaching pendants not only remains a powerful teaching device but is also now more user-friendly than ever. With a larger-format 7.5-inch color touchscreen, a customizable display, a jog dial, a bigger deadman switch and other conveniences, programming also becomes

Benefits of Behavioral Health EMR Software for Clinicians and Practices

Benefits of Behavioral Health EMR Software for Clinicians and Practices For clinics that treat behavioral health patients—particularly those that offer so-called specialty services such as substance abuse treatment and intensive outpatient programs (IOPs)—EHR systems can be especially beneficial. Here’s why: Like most medical practices, these healthcare organizations have piles of paperwork that include everything from

3 Reasons for Choosing EHR Practice Management Software in Your Business

Many practices are making the switch to electronic health records. Not only does this help save paper, but it also helps streamline your office and improve patient care. This blog post will list why you should consider using EHR practice management software for your healthcare practice! It Can Help You Organize Your Medical Practice Many