Startup Owners Put Interactive Hologram Technology to Use in Presentations

by | Oct 18, 2022 | Science and Technology

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Conventional hologram projectors generate a relatively static image that can’t be manipulated by outside users. While these devices could theoretically be used to project a three-dimensional movie, such a display is still relatively static. Viewers might see moving images, but any 3D graphics they’re looking at are following a pre-programmed algorithm.

Several prominent startup company leaders have elected to invest in interactive hologram technology, which gives them the freedom to manipulate presentations while they’re being viewed. That creates a completely different dynamic since viewers can pose questions and see their answers generated as a 3D image right in front of them. Those who want to provide product demonstration can even let users work with a piece of interactive hologram technology so they can have the experience of working with a device even if a physical prototype hasn’t been released yet.

Gamers are among those who are most excited about this kind of technology. Some people might not want to associate interactive hologram devices with the gaming scene simply because there’s a risk that it would make them look like toys to the general public. Considering just how much penetration computer games have in the market, however, there’s no doubt that this is going to represent a growing part of the market in years to come.

Entertainment app developers are therefore flocking to the technology, with some designing special dynamic presentations for it that wouldn’t have worked with nearly any other format. It’s hard to imagine just how innovative their designs will be.