Interactive and Enhanced Trade Show Booth Signage for Convention Settings

by | Jul 18, 2023 | Science and Technology

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When people hear interactive trade show booth signage enter the conversation, there’s a good chance that their minds immediately go to the idea of a large board with a barcode of some sort on it. Quick response codes have also been extremely popular, especially if they link to a particular resource on the web. For instance, a representative of an organization that has a booth at a medium-sized convention could put up boards with QR codes on them that took visitors to their landing page whenever they were snapped with a mobile device.

Advances in high-capacity encoding algorithms have made it possible to store a vast amount of information in one of these codes. That’s why they’re increasingly being used with holographic trade show booth signage and other innovative applications that otherwise might have been too difficult to implement in more intimate settings. Theoretical limits for these encoding structures are actually beyond the usual limits of uniform resource locator construction methods, which means that they can store additional data on top of a link.

Certain tech-savvy marketing experts have used link-shortening services with printed codes to save space on their signs that can then be devoted to other uses. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that there’s still a human element in all of this. Typesetting and layout work on physical signs are both still important in order to attract people who might otherwise have gone on by. That’s why so many trade show managers are now turning to design professionals who have at least some background in the layout field.