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by | Nov 1, 2018 | Science and Technology

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We, at IDEX Corporation have stayed true to our principles of trust, teamwork and excellence that have driven us to shape products that the markets desire.

Richter Chemie-Technik is a foremost solution provider of finest quality mag drive pumps. The RICHTER centrifugal magnetic drive pumps are engineered from meticulous, comprehensive R & D effort to provide industry-specific, advanced pumping solutions. Even in the most severe applications and environments, they deliver superior performance.

The design of the pump is customized to the delivery of low flow rates at high delivery heads, a range not cost-effectively covered by standard centrifugal pumps. The Richter magnetic drive pump renders 0.4-26 US gpm (0.1-6 m3 /h) and accomplishes heads of up to 330 ft LC (100 m). It is sealed airtight and has a magnetic coupling power of 8 hp/6 kW (at 2900 rpm) – 3500 rpm on request.

Richter Pumps are designed for arduous operating conditions. They are offered with mechanically sealed and seal-free magnetic drive options. Innovative self-priming pumps, vortex and peripheral pumps are also available in a diverse product range as well as customized solutions can be engineered to meet specifications. Magnetic drive pumps with dry-run-optimized SAFEGLIDE® PLUS plain bearings and Pump condition monitoring system SAFERUN® are some of the vital innovations in pump technology by Richter.

The RICHTER magnetic drive pumps feature prime performance at low flow rates and large heads, self-priming without additional suction tank, it also securely pumps liquids with some amount of gas content in them. The close-coupled design minimizes space, costs and alignment of a coupling. RICHTER has progressed as a primary supplier and the pumps are industry-preferred in the design and engineering.

Innovation is as good as creating the next big thing that makes a difference. At IDEX Corporation, we continue to strive to engineer practical solutions for our discerning clients. That’s the IDEX promise!

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