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by | Oct 27, 2017 | Science and Technology

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The Ki67 antibody is considered a nuclear protein that is expressed in almost all proliferating cells. It is usually expressed during the later phases of the cell cycle, such as G1, M-, S-, and G-2 phases. In most cases, the cells in the quiescent (G0) phase are mostly negative for this particular protein.

More Information

The Ki67 antibody has no known clone, and the immunogen is the synthetic peptide derived from the human protein of the same name, found in the c-terminus. The isotype is the Rabbit IgG, and it has an undetermined epitope with a molecular weight of between 345 and 395kDa.


This product can be used for IHC procedures and will require the use of a Formalin-fixed or paraffin-embedded tissue. Deparaffinized slides are also essential, and you can use graded alcohols or xylene to clean them. You’ll find both a pre-diluted and concentrated version. Both are appropriate for IHC applications. However, if using the concentrated format, you should dilute the antibody using a ratio of 1:300. However, dilutions are estimates, as your protocols or methods may specify something else.

To retrieve your antigen, you will want to boil the tissue section using a 10mM citrate buffer with a pH of 6.0. This should be done for ten minutes, and then you’ll need to cool it for 20 minutes at room temperature. You will also note an incubation period of ten minutes while also at room temperature. You can rinse the slides using a PBS/0.05% Tween solution and should do so between steps.

The positive control is the tonsil, breast carcinoma, and lymph node with cellular localization occurring in the nucleus.

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