Some Basics to Consider When Finding the Right EMR for Your Practice

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Information Technology and Services

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Finding the right behavioral health EMR can be a challenge because not all platforms work well with all types of practices. Software systems are either cloud-based, server-based, or web-based. The behavioral health EMR software you use should follow a design that works well with your medical practice. Many clinicians have found that the web-based option is the best. It gives them, their colleagues, and their customers the easiest access to the EMR system.

An EMR software system can be built using an on-site computer. Some prefer this option because they think it makes it easier for them to meet HIPAA regulations. They know that they have complete control of the underlying data and storage systems. However, the problem with this is that a client server-based system requires a lot of effort to maintain. The systems need to be upgraded and are difficult to back up. All of this costs a ton of cash.

Web-based EMR software systems offer excellent security. Maintenance is assumed by the software vendor. Most of the IT tasks are cared for remotely. For most practices, and especially for smaller practices, this option suits their practice and their requirements.

Some EMR software solutions offer additional features, such as automatic transcription of medical notes. Many medical professionals find it easier to dictate data using a transcription system and then electronically transmit the information to those who need it.

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