Reasons You Should Adopt Microsoft Office 365 in Lancaster, PA

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Information Technology and Services

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Microsoft 365 offers many advantages over traditional office software. Many companies use Microsoft Office 365 in Lancaster, PA, but fail to take full advantage of it. These tips should help your company make better use of the software package.

Collaborate on Documents Internally

Your team can collaborate on documents internally with Microsoft Office 365 using SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. These applications allow you to restrict document access to specific departments, levels of administration, or individual employees, limiting the likelihood of file deletion or silly mistakes. These tools also allow team members to work together on a document in real-time… no more waiting for someone to save their changes!

Work on Projects From Anywhere

Microsoft’s SharePoint powers Microsoft Office 365 in Lancaster, PA. SharePoint is a cloud storage platform that provides access to your company’s files remotely allowing your employees to work from anywhere with their login information.

Access from Any Device

Working on important projects from smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices is possible with Microsoft Office 365. COVID-19 has forced countless companies to send employees home and work remotely. Having the ability to access critical documents needed for work from any device makes working from home more seamless. This feature is included with all current packages of Microsoft Office 365 at no additional cost.