More Interactive Options and Larger 7.5-inch Format With the Teach Pendant

by | Oct 4, 2021 | Technology

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More GUI Options and Larger 7.5-inch Format With a Pendant Teaching Device

The latest model of teaching pendants not only remains a powerful teaching device but is also now more user-friendly than ever. With a larger-format 7.5-inch color touchscreen, a customizable display, a jog dial, a bigger deadman switch and other conveniences, programming also becomes quicker and easier. The mini-pendant is also a more affordable option that provides all the essential functions needed for programming.

Overview of Functionality
The user-friendly and easy-to-view teach pendant graphical user interface device offers improved functionality, reduces work time and enables teaching and program creation through such features as :

  • Easier reading and operational panel functionality with the larger 7.5-inch screen
  • Numeric value adjustment and new-line commencement with the jog dial
  • A mistproof and dustproof IP65 design
  • User-friendly operation
  • A three-position enable switch with bigger deadman switch
  • A mode changeover switch
  • A robot stop switch
  • A sheet key that optimizes fingertip feel

The touch panel also offers:

  • Superior operability
  • An interactive operating environment
  • A real-time input/output monitoring screen
  • An icon menu
  • An operating panel
  • A message box
  • Edit screens and a program display

A Tradition in Technology
Part of the Japan-based DENSO Corporation, DENSO Robotics has established itself as an industry leader and pioneer in robot design and manufacturing, meeting the needs of today’s technological demands and providing for the levels of productivity needed to remain competitive.

To learn more about the teach pendant and its capabilities, visit the website at today.