Keep Your Business Risks Low With U.S.- Based Document Records Management

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Software Company

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One fire, flood or serious natural disaster can wipe out decades of critical documents, files and records. However, established businesses and long-term enterprises fail to convert to better ways because of time owners think the effort will take. Essential document management software is the solution to safeguard against future losses, and it works in no time.

Old Ways Are Risky and Costly
In the past, enterprises managed everything from medical to bank records by paper. Whole rooms were taken away from operations for use as storage. Most businesses outgrow such spaces and have to pay for storage units.

Property or business insurance does not preserve information in the event of a catastrophe. Computer upgrades, including disk and device storage, keep records vulnerable to destruction.

The Cloud Streamlines Records Management
Open source document management software and expert assistance can put you on cloud nine with no worries about records. All documents and records benefit from unique, customized cataloging and organization with varying access levels.

Fast and Affordable
Businesses used to pay hefty fees to consulting firms or professionals to convert records, documents and data to digital systems. The “community” version of open source document management lets you start cloud-based data operations at little to no cost. Training exists to put you in charge of further records, knowledge and enterprise content management for the life of your business.

OpenKM assists with proven, affordable ways to guard critical records and documents against permanent loss with solutions you may explore