Is Now the Right Time for Your NJ Solar Installation?

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Solar Panels

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New Jersey has always been a beacon for the evolution and progression of solar panels. Yet, Jersey is cold in the winter, and it can be snowy and cloudy. Of course, there are some lovely days throughout the winter too, but if you’re looking for sunny days every day, New Jersey in the winter isn’t the place to go.

So, does the time of year for your NJ solar installation matter? Is winter the right time or a good time at all to install solar panels?

Let’s find out!

Solar Prices are Low

As the icy grip of winter coils its way around the Garden State, prices throughout the solar industry are at an all-time low. There has never been a better time to get solar. Regardless of whether it is winter, summer, spring, or fall, the savings offered for your NJ solar installation are insanely good. So, you are going to want to take advantage of these low priceswhile it lasts.

Winter Installations Offer the Best ROI in Year One

Believe it or not, experts claim that you want to have your solar panels installed between February and April, which is right at the tail end of the winter for New Jersey. However, there is no reason you cannot get it closer to the beginning or middle of winter in New Jersey either.

Planning your NJ solar installation before spring hits offer the best ROI (Return On Investment) in your first year. The reason being is that you can enjoy the benefits of solar power to its fullest at the beginning of peak solar season, which in New Jersey starts in March.

Plus, you will have plenty of time to stock up on extra solar power to make it through the following fall and winter months, when New Jersey can be less than bright and sunny on the daily.

Solar “True-Up” Date Maintains Solar Power Banks

Many solar panel systems work through net metering. Through this option, you have an annual “true-up” date.

Every month, the balance of solar power usage rolls over from month to month. However, the way an annual true-up day works is that the system goes through an update, which eliminates all your banked solar energy.

If this date is in the spring, which it would be if you get your install during the winter, your true-up date will align with the increase in solar irradiance. So, there will be enough solar power to fill your bank and use it throughout the following winter before your annual reset occurs.

This way, you shouldn’t have to worry about having enough solar power reserved to make it through the fall and winter.

In closing, there is no wrong time for your NJ solar installation. Installing solar into your home or office is always a good idea. Ultimately, it just comes down to preference and availability. However, getting your solar installation taken care of in the winter does have many benefits. Now is the right time for your NJ solar installation.

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