EMR Software – Is It Good Enough for Behavioral Health?

by | Sep 14, 2018 | Information Technology and Services

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Electronic medical records are becoming more common in the world of health care. But is it ready for behavioral health? Behavioral health is complicated in that the treatment patients receive is unique to everyone, and medical records are an essential part of behavioral treatment. Behavioral health EMR software may be the future of mental health treatment. Here are some reasons EMR software is the perfect fit for behavioral healthcare providers.

A Complete File. In behavioral health, every file counts. With paper, it is very easy to lose files that hold important information. Healthcare IT News reported that 55 percent of surveyed individuals reported having missing or incomplete files when they visited a doctor. EMR software ensures that files aren’t lost or uncompleted. Electronic copies are easy to find and are not as volatile and unpredictable as paper.

Tracking Data. Patients use the same doctors for years, even decades. Behavioral health EMR software allows clinics to track the data of their patients for the entire time of their time with the practice. This data includes knowing when it is time for a checkup or a renewed prescription. Additionally, the clinic or practice can track the progress of the patient and if there are additional steps to take.

Patient Access. If someone is receiving treatment for behavioral health, they may be seeing multiple doctors and professionals in different offices and clinics. If this is the case, they may need access to some information. EMR software allows patients to access their records on short notice because there is no need to go searching through hundreds of documents.

Behavioral health EMR software works well for both patient and provider. There is less worry about losing files, easy data tracking, and quick access. EMR software is the future of behavioral health, and will ultimately better the care that patients receive.