Easy to Use Cloud-Based Document System in OpenKM Helps Business Owners

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Software Company

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A big choice for most businesses and many organized people is choosing the right document management system. Those looking for a cloud based document management system should consider OpenKM which integrates essential document management into an easy to use system.

What is a Document Management System
Most document management systems can be thought of as electronic filing cabinets for organizing digital and paper documents. Hard copies can be placed in the system by scanning it. They also allow users to create metadata and tags to keep the stored files organized and easy to find.

The software system is considered a search engine that allows people to access the appropriate file easily. They also have permission settings so only those who are approved can access the information.

Many management systems also include permission access, monitoring tools, versioning tools that track edits, controls to delete outdated documents, and mobile device support to edit and share documents.

Cloud-Based Management Systems
Cloud-based software is made accessible to the organization through a monthly or annual fee. The fees include maintenance and software updates as they become available. Many can cost more than $100 per month. The biggest benefit is that most companies and people do not need an IT team to install the software and there are no large upfront costs. Many people are able to have their documents saved regularly because they automatically save in the cloud.

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Those looking for a cloud based document management system should consider OpenKM that integrates all the document management into one software for an easy to use solution.