Do not let a Fast Paced Supply System Prevent Problems From Being Found

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Agricultural Service

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Farmers need to know if there is a problem with their produce. Stores need to see where problems are coming from. That is why there needs to be a clear way to follow products from farm to customer. That means that a traceability system will help when problem happens. With there being new issues making the news every day, customers do not need to be made sick by the food they eat. Stores need to fix problems quickly so that they have accountability to the people that come in their stores.

Different Solutions

There are several ways that solutions can be implemented. Stores by central suppliers. These suppliers can buy from hundreds or more farms. The farms may sell more than one crop to different places. That is why something as simple as a bar code can help make a traceability system work. Fresh produce has to move quickly, so the tracking capability has to move just as fast. Even if a store has produce from several farms, they can start the process to track down the place that caused the problem.

Customers First

When problems start to happen, customers need to be informed. They do not need to be made sick because there was any delay. There needs to be a fast way to pull what produce is causing people to be sick. That is what the traceability system will be used for in such an environment. When needing a solution, check out to see what Sourcetrace can do.