Chicago-area Hardware Lab Tests New Miniature RF Transceivers

by | Sep 5, 2022 | Security System

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Security companies and those who provide technological solutions to other firms often need RF transceivers that are capable of transmitting on a wide range of frequencies. Unfortunately, manual tuners are incapable of switching channels often enough to maintain the right quality of service. This is a major problem in any use case that requires the transmission of sophisticated video feeds between two points.

Surveillance cameras and related equipment need to always work with unoccupied frequencies. Therefore so many designers of them have adopted spread spectrum technology, which almost constantly changes the exact frequency that a transmitter uses. If the algorithm works properly, this can ensure that the risk of a collision between two different transmitters is almost functionally zero. Engineers involved with this project have come up with a series of software defined

RF transceivers that can swap frequencies extremely quickly.

These don’t require the use of any outside tuning circuit, since everything is done using silicon wafers as opposed to actual hardware. When two of these devices work in close proximity to each other, they utilize a complicated mathematical subroutine that makes it possible for them to occupy more or less the same wavelengths at the same time. In spite of the fact that this requires a relatively large investment in processing power, the fact that these devices use integrated chips has helped to keep them from suffering major cost overruns.

To view the full specifications for these RF transceivers, visit Epiq Solutions on the web.

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