Learn What Your Customers Really Think With Sentiment Analysis Software

by | Nov 29, 2023 | Software

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Sentiment analysis software helps you find out what your customers really think across all kinds of media. Many top-level managers could never sift through social media channels, documents, and other communication channels by hand. Customer sentiment analysis software is one of the most important factors as people manage decisions and investments for their businesses. Software can help collect this information on an ongoing basis. You can choose more traditional software or work with concept-based software that utilizes deep learning. This software analyzes semantics and real-world language models with a focus on industry-specific lexicons. The accuracy of the analysis makes it easy to take the data and use it for real-time decisions.

More traditional software uses text-based analysis to help you mine data. Concept-based software will provide more detail and make use of aggregation methods to help you gain insight. This type of software can be used to find out more about people’s opinions of your business or any topic related to it.

People often use this software to tag support desk tickets. They can track the life cycle of the ticket and look for ways to improve their processes. Many people use this software to improve their ability to match the support ticket with the right support staff. They use the software to find out what types of support issues don’t get consistently resolved and spot many other trends.

Software can vary regarding the level of tech expertise required for efficient use. Research your options to find out more about what you can integrate and tag as you collect data.